Partner of the engineers

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25 years experience

K-ÉP Stúdió worked on engineering information technology field in the last 25 years, distribute the couple of software, develop CAFM system, carry FM consulting project. We are working in the region (Hungary, Czech, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania, Croatia), but our engineers could be find from Finland to Dubai. The quality is important for us, so we introduced the ISO 9001:2009 certificate, use the different project methods. If it is important the price and high-level service for You, K-ÉP Stúdió is your partner.

For having chosen us


Our company, the K-ÉP Studio have presented since 25 years in Hungary, and all-round in central-Europa.

Wide portfolio

Every type of engineers could find efficient design software in our offer


Our community main goal is put you to a competitive positin on the world market with our services and products

Pretty price

If you want world-class service with excellent price, your partner definitely the K-ÉP Studio.